Business Cooperation With Huantasy

Who we are?

The leading facilitator of supply & distribution on global tourism products

✪ Supply End: Serve local resource suppliers, tour operators, scenic spots, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

✪ Sales End: Serve OTA, UGC, E-commerce Platforms, Travel Agencies

✪ Provide standard data of tourism products

✪ Accelerate the efficiency in both supplying and sales

Founded in October, 2014 in Beijing, Huantasy is a leading B2B distribution platform in China Tourism Market. Our team is composed of the most experienced Internet experts in tourism,  who are passionate with wide range knowledge about travel industry trends, distributor system, as well as global destinations and products.

Our Product Type

Ticket: Scenic Spot, Sport Event, Music Concert , Show……

Food Voucher: Buffet, set Meal, High Tea, Discount Card ……

Tour: Day Tour, VIP Tour, SIC tour……

Accommodation: Iconic Design Hotel /Guest House +Value Added Service……

Global Coverage

Destination products: 7400

Nations & regions: 30

What do We Need?

We are devoted to facilitating the suppliers to distribute their tickets, shows, tours and other activities from all over the world and integrating the supply chain in various tourism markets. We connect the global suppliers to Chinese OTAs, travel agents and e-commerce retailers in real time by supreme and professional online technology support and distribution system. The powerful service and profound strategics are enhancing the whole efficiency of the online outbound tourism.

What will You Get?

Huantasy:Standardize your products and help you make profits

✪ No Packaging + One-to-multi Channels

✪ Real Time Reports + Get Orders Simply & Easily

✪ No Translation, No Editing

Cooperation Process



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